Daily Meditation #1

This morning before sunrise, I went into a meditative state in order to calm my mind and decide on what I’d like to do to fulfill my goals in better becoming a spiritual person. My technique usually involves putting my head on folded pillow so that I’m slightly inclined and won’t quickly fall asleep. I then stare at the ceiling for a time to put myself in a mild hypnotic state (something I used to practice when i was a teenager), then eventually I’ll close my eyes and my internal journey using intense visualization and sensory “extension”. I’ll imagine I’m connected with other objects and people in my surroundings, that I am those objects. I expand my awareness to my whole room, the building I’m in, the city, the nation and the world and Universe. I don’t try to experience awareness, I just allow it to happen. To experience awareness as an individual of increasingly expansive realms makes the feeling difficult to put into words because it is physically impossible. I think I read this meditation somewhere in a random book in some years ago. All I can say is that doing it helps me feel that sense of oneness and connection with the world. It’s a theme I think will come up a lot as I rediscover my spirituality.

After I reached the point of connection with the Universe, I imagined myself as God. I then merged my energy with that of Goddess, our energies becoming one form. A real feeling of energy began to flow through my body like connecting a circuit. It was extremely gratifying and as if I’d connected directly to the forces of the Universe. After this experience waned, I decided upon making a private place for myself in this meditation state. I visualized a beautiful island beach with white sands, clear water, perfect temperature air and palm trees. This would be my personal world where I could go at any time for reflection. This technique I’d utilized some years ago, but had forgotten until just this morning. It felt wonderful to have my own private place again.

For today’s reflections, I thought about what I would to do to celebrate the various cycles of the Earth (the lunar and seasonal cycles). It was declared to me in my more transcendent meditation (that spurred the creation of this blog) that I celebrate the cycles of nature. So I wanted to create a ritual which would bring in the New Moon, Full Moon, Sunrise and Sunset as well as the changes in Seasons. There is something about ritual which I find brings other people a sense of order and peace in their lives, whether they are simply spiritual or Wiccan or Catholic. They connect with something greater than themselves. I would like to experience this as well. I floated in the waters just offshore this perfect beach and thought about what I wanted to do and what I would gain from it as a person.

I will share what I decided upon in another post today and leave this one for the meditation. But after deciding upon what I would like to do rituals, I allowed myself to come out of the meditation and then went back to sleep.


4 thoughts on “Daily Meditation #1

  1. Pretty dang cool! I am always open to new ideas. 🙂
    Welcome to the Wild Ride! I hope you have fun clicking on some links and introducing yourself. I hope you make a lot of new friends!

  2. I had to give myself some time before I was able to read your post. However, now that I have, I really liked it. I like the process of being God and connecting with Godess and the overall connection with the Universe. Also, I’ll have to try having my own place to go. I’m on what I like to call, “a spiritual journey” myself and I’m waiting to see what the next step should be in my life without panicking or stressing out too much. Keep us posted on what you come up with.

    • Thank you for the comment 🙂 Having a place to go in the mental/spiritual world is really nice I found. The power of the imagination can take you anywhere and sometimes a place to be at peace with yourself is good and healthy. I’ll definitely keep all interested posted on what I experience as I take this new journey in 2013.

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