My Ritual Life

This morning, while in meditation, I decided upon what I would like to do as ritual to recognize and celebrate the various cycles of the Earth in a way which would be spiritually fulfilling to me. I specifically wanted to do something for the New Moon, Full Moon, Sunrise, Sunset and Seasonal changes. I’ve always had a connection to these astronomical events…I would recognize the equinoxes and solstices as if they were holidays of significance…I would look up and observe the beauty of the full moon…so the idea of making my life around these events and feeling the connection to nature seems natural to me. So here’s what I decided:

New Moon: I will sit down and write down every negative emotion or event which has happened and dwells on my mind. After writing it down on paper, I will destroy it. The New Moon to me symbolizes a new beginning and I will cleanse myself of negativity and open myself up to change. On another sheet of paper, I will write down one goal I wish to achieve by the time of the Full Moon. Finally, I will fast for 12hrs the day of the New Moon to cleanse my body and to remember how blessed I am and that are those who have less than me.

Full Moon: I will sit down and review the success and failure of my goal and write out how it went, why it went the way it did and what I could’ve done differently. This day will be my opportunity for self-reflection and to understand myself holistically as it relates to my goal.

Sunrise and Sunset: I shall say a prayer or give a thought to myself thanking the God and Goddess for the life giving sun that will provide/has provided warmth to the Earth for the day.

Equinoxes and Solstices: Even before my major spiritual experience just a couple days ago, I tended to celebrate these anyways. On the days of the change in seasons, I usually enjoy going for walks outdoors to enjoy and absorb the feeling of the new season and my connection to nature. There may be snow on the ground or blooming flowers, it doesn’t matter, that how I usually ring in the new season and I shall continue to do so in that way.


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