Oneness With My Life Partner and the Universe

ALERT: This post contains mature content of a sexual nature. Reader discretion is advised.


The week of Christmas, my fiance CT and I visited her family a 5hr drive away from our hometown. She’s been my fiance since I proposed to her in July, although we’re not exactly sure when we will actually get married. We’ve made love an innumerable number of times, but this one time ended on a very different note for me and it started me on the path towards rediscovering my spiritual side. I’ve always kinda thought of sex as a spiritual experience. The pleasure, the physical union of bodies, the orgasm all invokes powerful emotions. But while, I had thought of sex in this way, it’d been a long time since I’d had a particularly acute experience which shook me spiritually.

Until the Thursday night after Christmas that is. We were in a guest room of her sister’s house, when CT started to give me oral sex; that in-an-of-itself is always a wonderful experience to receive from her. I wasn’t expecting anything spiritually significant from it, just an orgasm. But as the orgasm arrived and CT continued her motions, I felt not only intense physical pleasure, but an incredible sense of connection with her which felt on a higher level from previous sexual experiences. Physically, I felt oneness with her…her lips and hands wrapped around my penis, semen freely flowing into her mouth, our bodies shifting around in unison….emotionally, I felt as if our minds were one and intertwined. The emotional overflow was almost overwhelming, but I soon began to come down from it. As this unusually powerful sex act came to an end, I started to pull away. But CT, gently grabbed my penis and resumed sucking on me. At that moment, I realized that this woman that I proposed too and wanted to spend the rest of my life with, wanted, adored and loved me greatly.

I no longer felt overwhelmed…but safe and happy. We fell asleep in each others arms.


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