A Faithful World

For those of us of the spiritual/religious persuasion, faith is the foundation of our beliefs. We know there is something greater than what we see what our eyes because we feel it in our bones, in our hearts, in our souls. Perhaps, in the back our of heads, we know it could all be wrong. Maybe there is no caring deity, afterlife, spirit or anything else. Maybe we are all alone in this gigantic Universe. Admittedly, if someone with all the knowledge of the Universe told me as a fact there was no God, I could accept it, even if I didn’t like it. But until that day comes, I have my faith. I have it because it gives me strength, helps me be a better person and enhances my life. Maybe in the end a human being doesn’t need it to be a moral and just person…but it is nice to have if you wish it in your life.

Faith brings me peace, bliss, joy, self-reflection…and other things of which I find it difficult to describe with words. Without faith in my life, I would be lost. So I’m grateful to have faith as a part of it.


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