Daily Meditation #2

This morning’s meditation was a bit simpler. I woke up and gave my morning prayer to the God and Goddess for the life-giving sun. Then I decided to simply close my eyes, count down from 10 to zero in my mind. While doing this, I allowed my mind and body to relax, calm down and visualized my spiritual place of contentment appear before me.

As I walked across the white sand beach and out into the ocean shore, I went into self-reflection on happenings and random thoughts which popped into my head yesterday. I felt calm and at peace with the Universe as I walked, swam and enjoyed this imaginary place. Occasionally, noisy thoughts would pop into my head; but I would stay calm and simply allow them to pass as if they were eddies in the otherwise gentle flow of water. I think tomorrow I may explore the island a bit more. I imagination can take you amazing places. Why not use it as part of spiritual discovery?

When I came out of meditation, I looked out my window and had decent view of the Belt of Venus (horizon obstructed by buildings of course…but still nice).

A nicer example than what I saw:


Science is magic…and the science behind such amazing phenomena gives one pause when contemplating how the Universe ended up the way it did. Simply incredible.


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