Heightened State of Awareness

ALERT: This post contains mature content of a sexual nature. Reader discretion is advised.


Ever since I began meditation again and exploring my spiritual side, I’ve found that my senses are bit more heightened. Colors, odors, touches, visions are all more vibrant. Just looking at the sunrise this morning meant more to me than it has previously.

I noticed these heightened senses last night even more while making love with CT. Every touch from the moment I entered her to the moment I left her was intense and succulent. While making love, I closed my eyes and imagined the energy we were creating, flowing through and between our bodies. I would open my eyes and see the pleasure in her face and the motions of her body. Then I would close my eyes again and feel total unity of our bodies and could feel absolutely every sensation, magnified. When the orgasm came, I experienced an incredible feeling of oneness with CT and the Universe. It was truly wonderful and an experience I hope to have every time with her. After it was over, I lied beside her on the bed, tired, relaxed and thinking about my life and how blessed I am. Later on, we got up and drove to a restaurant for food and coffee. Both CT and I felt happy and content with ourselves. The spiritual connection…my “6th sense”…was heightened as well. We were on the same wavelength and it felt good.

This morning, I’m sitting in a coffee shop with her taking in the unique smell of espresso, the taste of my white hot chocolate and the beautiful sunny skies on a cold winter day outside. CT is sitting with me playing around on her computer as well. The feeling of contentment continues. It’s actually nice to have as I’ve missed it a lot recently. I still am poor, I still have to work my tolerable, but non-optimal job and I’m still in school waiting patiently for graduation in less than 12 months. But I’m at least not freaking out about something, being under perpetual stress or going hungry. So I’m happy about that.


3 thoughts on “Heightened State of Awareness

  1. I love your posts, but I thought I would let you know that I can’t keep up! One post a day is all I can manage. Most of us around here are following upwards of 200 bloggers!
    You may freak out your new followers and I would hate for them to unfollow… 🙂
    Just my humble opinion! Enjoy your Saturday!

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