Great variety of meditation techniques!

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Meditating young woman in the cityWhich meditation style is right for you?
Is this you: You really want to meditate and be less reactive in stressful situations, but you can’t sit still and empty your mind? Me, too!
It could be that you (we) just haven’t found the right meditation style.
There are many types of meditation, which can help manage the constant swirl of the city and our reactions to it.
So which style of meditation is right for you? Here are five, along with some practical guidance to help you pick one that sticks.
1. You’re a People Person (Sometimes to a Fault)
Practice: Metta Meditation
For this meditation practice you’ll bring loving kindness into your heart and then shine it out to everyone. Got it? You do this by sitting for five minutes and focusing your attention on loving thoughts and feelings. Use deep inhales to fill yourself up with…

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