Daily Meditation #3

Last night’s meditation was pleasant and fruitful. I started by focusing on my breathing for a little bit to calm my mind and focus it. This quickly put me in a deep, relaxed state and from there I went my calming place. I did my walk along the white sandy beach, enjoying the shoreline. But then I walked into the forest to explore further. I could hear birds singing and the wind blowing. It was beautiful. But while exploring, a woman appeared before me. Shortly after her, a man appeared before me as well. They were the God and Goddess taking the form of two people I knew or known previously. They consulted me on two issues that were sitting within my mind and dealing with advancing myself spiritually.
After consulting me, the Goddess told me this:

God and Goddess love you, as we do
all our children of the Universe. You
are strong, you are good. Believe in
your own power, given to you by us
and you can achieve great things.

I then became one with God and merged my energy with Goddess, becoming one with her. I felt the energy flow through my body and sensed myself above the Earth in space, floating as light as a feather. I then felt myself come back to my body and saw the darkness of my room. I lied there for a moment and then came out of meditation.

It feels wonderful to have a spiritual experience where I actually communicate with something greater myself and feel more grounded when it is over.


As a side note, also late night after meditating, I got an email from someone with a Youtube video talking about binaural beats. Binaural beats involve hearing two tones of slightly different frequencies, with the clashing frequencies interpreted by the brain as beats. The beats are the difference in frequency between the two original tones heard. In a recording, one tone will be played in one ear with another tone played in the other. By themselves, you’ll hear the individual tone, but together the brain-induced beat will sound. People use binaural beats to alter their state of consciousness more easily as the brain waves will resonate with the beat frequency it interprets. I vaguely remember using binaural beats before in my past spiritual studies and so decided to sit back and listen to a recording off of Youtube last night. And sure enough, laying back relaxed and focusing on the beat, I quickly fell into a nice meditative state. It wasn’t even my optimal position for meditation (laying down, in dark conditions), but it felt good and I could conjure up somewhat vivid imagery in my mind’s eye. I might see about downloading an mp3 to a cheap mp3 player I have and giving it try in my optimal conditions. Here is the recording I listened too (listen with ear/headphones):


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