Rape is the epitome of evil. There is a special place in Hell for rapists I believe. And it certainly is not God’s will!


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  1. Thank you for re blogging this! I just wish people would stop using God to make these statements about rape. I don’t believe any God would want this. It is indeed the epitome of evil!

    • No thank you for writing this post! Way too many women in this world are dealt with sexual violence whether it be rape, sexual exploitation or genital mutilation. It’s horrifying what evil people are capable of. I could never imagine taking control of a woman against her will in such a way, it’s just beyond me. No woman (or man for that matter) should face such a violation of their body, mind and spirit. The love of my life is a rape victim and wish to this day I could just punch the guy who did it in the face (he was a family member of her ex-husband’s family and the loser husband who also deserves to be punched did nothing about it even after finding out…unreal). Let’s hope the 21st century is a turning point against sexual violence. Sex should be a beautiful, intimate experience…not a weapon of physical and psychological destruction.

      • I am really sorry that this happened to your partner. It’s very hard to see te one you love suffer each day. I don’t think there is enough awareness when it comes to violence. People just don”t realize what they are doing to another soul. This absence of empathy needs to be filled somehow.

        I hope the 21st century will be this turning point too. Keep blogging. Changing the world one blog post a day 😀

        Warm wishes and big hug to you both!

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