God and Goddess work In Mysterious and Wondrous Ways

So I have to say life is definitely feeling a bit brighter for me for the first time in awhile. Or maybe I’m just appreciating it all better. Whatever it is, I’m loving it. School is started back up this week and I’m making it a goal to get straight As this semester. My prayers were answered and a job opportunity opened up which will expand my knowledge for my field of choice and make me more money overall. My love and spiritual life with CT has continued to grow and I feel more in-tune with the Universe as well as myself. I’m waiting for the ball to drop and for something to go wrong lol…I’m sure some curve ball will get thrown at me at some point, as the Universe is fundamentally about balance between forces and you cannot have the good without the bad. But, at least right now I feel more capable of handling it than I did before.

I guess the biggest thing I’ve noticed is that my fears about my future have dropped off significantly ever since jumping head first into my faith practices. I no longer fear my future because I know I’m in control of it with guidance from a higher power. It’s very empowering and liberating at the same time. I know with prayer and the power of intention I can accomplish anything as long as I stay true to myself. I’m happy to have CT along for the ride as it makes it all the more worth while. We’ll graduate together in December and I may attend graduate school next year. Meanwhile, she wishes to conceive a child with me later this year. I can tell I’ve reached a certain level of love and intimacy with her as I now wish to not only make love with her for pleasure and spiritual unity, but for the creation of another life we can love together. I believe the Universe itself was created in such an act of unity between God and Goddess and I would love to do the same with CT on our own human level.

For final words for this post, I ask all of you to do one thing…look at your significant other, or outside at the beautiful sky and clouds or at the mountains or body of water out your window or your child or what or whoever you want…and just be mesmerized. This is the beauty of life on the pale blue dot out in the cosmic middle of nowhere we call Earth. I’m learning this lesson now while I’m still young gladly…and that is to enjoy what you can get out of life no matter what your circumstances are. (As far as I believe anyways), you only get one life. Enjoy it and saturate yourself in it.


2 thoughts on “God and Goddess work In Mysterious and Wondrous Ways

  1. Great idea! Woke up real early today and just going to drink in each moment – how insignificant it may be – and be mesmerized. 🙂

    Thank you for sharing this!

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