January 11, 2013 New Moon Ritual – Postscript

First off, I want to thank everyone for the support today via all the likes on my previous post. It was really nice to come home this evening from work and see so many people were interested in what I was doing as part of my spiritual growth. I’ve jumped in head first into my practices more than I ever have in my life, with a feeling of complete freedom and acceptance from the person I love and it’s working out to my benefit. So here is how my day went:

-The fast was successful! It was hard, but successful. I had a cup of oatmeal early in the morning and went without food for 12hrs while I conducted my day. I started feeling the hunger pains around lunch time and it got pretty bad around 2-4pm, during my first couple hours at work. It didn’t help I work in a freaking grocery store bakery, where I am around bread, cookies and donuts. But, I ignored the urges to eat. And all I did was skip lunch and a snack and my body wasn’t a happy camper. But when I finally got home from work and had a turkey burger, veggie burger and chocolate chip cookie, I really appreciated food on a whole different level. Imagine not knowing when you’ll eat again or choosing between food and something else you need to maintain yourself? It was an uncomfortable experience, but I definitely got what I wanted out of it…a feeling of being blessed to have the food I have available to me. Thank God and Goddess for the food they provide to the world! And let’s pray for those who have less than us and to the end of hunger around world. Obviously the forces which drive hunger issues (politics, agriculture, climate issues) are beyond my single ability to change…but I believe in the power of intention and spiritual energy. And if we can work together and tweak the flow of things in the favor of better lives for those in need, just maybe improvements to the forces which do drive things in the material world will occur. And doing things like donating money to a relieve organization or even giving food to a hungry homeless person in America to back up your prayer is better than nothing at all.

For those curious, this isn’t the first time I’ve fasted or even the longest time I’ve had to fast (I’ve had to do it for 24hrs+ for medical procedures…now that sucks). But this is the first time I did it for religious purposes. No pain, no gain as they say.

-I prayed for the health and success of two people today. One was a coworker at my bakery and another was an employee at the coffee shop I go too who is always pleasant to me and CT when we go there.

-CT said she was proud of what I did today. I was happy to hear that 🙂

Overall, today was a good day. Still the usual stresses (money and health came up today, as usual), but I don’t have a lot to complain about compared to other people. I’m loved by CT, my family, God and Goddess and have already made connections with you guys. I’m looking forward to another day…with lunch!


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