Life Path

Ever wonder what path life has you on? Ever feel lost on that path?

I have a friend going through that crisis right now. She wrote me that she feels as if she’s been on the wrong path for years and doesn’t know what she wants for herself. She says she remains stuck while others move on with their lives.

My heart kinda sank when I read this. We used to work together in an office job before I changed cities and colleges. Before the office job, I was toiling away in yet another grocery store. I prayed for something better and this friend already in my life helped me find something better as she told me about a non-advertised intern position and gave me a good reference for it with the boss. So, if it wasn’t for her, my resume would look a lot different. She thought I had talents that shouldn’t be wasted. I messaged her back and said that I am praying for her, that I know what it’s like to be on a difficult path and that everything happens for a reason, even if at first we don’t know what lies on the path.

I felt like she did last summer and even fall. Kinda lost, not knowing exactly where my path would take me. But now, I’ve chosen to just open myself up to complete faith in God and Goddess, prayer and let things come as they may. I just can’t stand being in a total rut any longer. I hope my friend can find the same comfort and sense of freedom from frustration soon.


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