The Seat Of All Knowledge

This is a simple picture I took from my school’s library.


I took this picture after realizing just how amazing it is that I can walk into a building and experience just a tiny fraction of the knowledge of the Universe right there before me. It really made wonder…how many bits of information are out there in the Universe? What innumerable numbers of books, CD-ROMs and flash drives would be need to store such incredible data. Is there any being or civilization out there who could possibly know all the knowledge of the Universe? I suppose, ultimately our Creators are the only ones who would have all knowledge of the Universe. Their collective mind being the seat of all knowledge, the ultimate library. Perhaps in events like epiphanies, we gain just an instant glimpse into the Universal Library and reach a mile-marker on the quest for the knowledge we wished to attain. Those moments are almost magical. They are the moments which can change people’s lives and we should appreciate them as gifts from God and Goddess. I believe they wish only our success and from that spiritual growth. Knowledge is power and the more you know, the more successful one can be.


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