The Amazing Creature Called Homo sapiens sapiens

I have to admit, it’s kinda hard to wake up and do my morning prayer to God and Goddess thanking them for the life-giving sun which will provide warmth to the Earth today…when I walk outside to class and it’s only 3 above zero.


A beautiful, but bitter cold day in small town America.

But I guess it could be colder right? In fact, it will be…the forecast calls for highs in the negative single digits by early next week. LOL. Nature has a sense of humor.

But I suppose that’s what makes humans amazing like that. Our ability, given to us by God and Goddess to develop science and live beyond our physical capacities. (Don’t actually do this, unless the law permits I suppose 😛 ), but imagine taking off all your clothes and walking outside right now. Looking at the current weather map, of the US, unless you’re in Florida right now, going outside is a quite the uncomfortable experience. And frankly, without clothing and housing, a vast swath of the Earth would be simply inhospitable to human life, at least on a seasonal basis. Our brains and our ability to develop science in some shape and form (going beyond modern science to ancient science and experimentation using principles which initially may have been left unexplained for centuries) helped us expand beyond our old tropical/subtropical domains. Understanding that skinning animals and wearing their skins could keep us warm; using mud, rocks, blocks of snow or whatever building materials were available to create shelter to protect us and understanding how gravity and friction worked practically for architecture (even if we didn’t have say, the mathematics to explain these processes yet); Making use of chemicals from the environment to deal with health problems, etc. All the medications, clothes, buildings, transportation, weapons, tools and more are the result of tens of thousands of years of experimentation by humans. I remember looking at a parking garage being built somewhere and thinking the principles behind building that one building is the result of thousands of years of written history behind architecture. The technology to build it has changed, but principles dealing with material strength, gravity, etc are all the same.

Sometimes I look up at the stars and wonder if our Creators created other beings like us…in their own image with the ability to have self-awareness and create a built environment where they spread and learn more about their place in the Universe. Will be ever meet these other alien peoples? Would they look anything like us or drastically different (evolutionary theory would suggest the latter, with any resemblance being coincidence)? Would they think like us? Who knows who’s out there…I would hope that God and Goddess created others who would appreciate their existence and the Universe that they would call home. But maybe it is just us.

Whatever domain we have…we have a responsibility, being not only a biological, but a geological force on Earth, to take care of our environment. We are an amazing species given an enormous amount of power (I say science is magic because of our ability to kill off diseases, change the course of rivers, travel to the Moon, etc). But that power, given to us by God and Goddess can also kill us all and our fellow species (lack of sustainable environmental conservation, wars, pollution, etc). If we learn to be responsible with our continuously growing powers…powers which are god-like compared to what people had over their environment in say 1013 AD…we have a bright future ahead of us. If not…well, not so much.

Apologies if I rambled…posts like these sometimes come to me spontaneously, but I always appreciate people who take the time to read my stuff.  So, Thanks 🙂


2 thoughts on “The Amazing Creature Called Homo sapiens sapiens

  1. Beautifully written. Even though I am an atheist I sometimes hope there is a God or Godess out there. I wonder too if there are beings that resemble us, life on other planets. I hope it is not as us.. but perhaps we as a species have to go through this process of destruction and self harm to appreciate the Earth for what she is.

    • Thank you 🙂 And thanks for responding. My father is kinda like you, although agnostic. He “routs” for a God existing, although is basically neutral on its existence (at least as an adult…he was raised Catholic). And yeah…self-harm is sure right. I just hope we don’t do so much harm, that we permanently hurt the earth for ourselves and other species (although, sadly, extinctions have already thought to have occurred). Let’s hope enough people on Earth care to prevent things from getting worse.

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