Daily Meditation #5 and the Dream Reality

This morning’s meditation was quite nice. While in a deep state, I imagined a deep flow of energy flowing in and out of my forehead through my “third eye”. This caused me to feel quite buzzed with energy and floaty-feeling. It was very pleasurable, although a bit intense. I saw myself holding the hands of a human representation of God and Goddess, floating through space, past planets and was looking down upon the solar system. I was in a weird, dream-like state at this point, although still conscious. Eventually, I came out of it a bit, changed my position to more of a sleeping position allowed myself to rest and dream.



Do you all ever wonder about the nature of dreams? Do dreams mean anything? Certainly dreams occur within the confines of our minds, but do you believe it can be considered another reality? I mean, we feel, touch, smell, taste and see in our dreams. We also express emotion. Ever since high school when I explored my dreams via a dream journal, I’ve always considered the dream world another reality…one produced by our personal mental environment, which is impacted by our waking life. What our minds experience in waking life is processed as dreams in our sleeping life. And so I think dreams have meanings, with the symbology different for each individual person. Water in a dream could represent something different to different people for example, based on how they think of water from an emotional standpoint. And so in a way, dreams are artistic; they are short scripts written and played out symbolically to process information.

So the next time you have a dream (creating a dream journal and writing down even dream fragments helps a lot in remembering), right it down and think about what it means to you. You’ll find pretty quickly the connection it has to your waking life and maybe the conscious effort will be spiritually fulfilling to you. Plus, since we spend a third of our lives in our dream realities, it might be nice to at least record our exploration and existence within it.


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