The Power of Prayer Never Ceases to Amaze Me

As you all know, I’ve been, as part of my New Moon Ritual goal, giving a blessing prayer to at least one person a day through the Full Moon. Well, last week I gave a prayer to a coworker who has a masters degree and has been searching for a job which fits her degree for long time now (at least several months). I prayed for her to receive a job she had recently interviewed for in a neighboring state and she just told me tonight that she got the job 🙂 She can FINALLY quit the grocery world and move on with her career. She ran into CT this evening (who also works at the same grocery store bakery I do) who was waiting for me to get off work and CT told her about my prayer. Being the faithful Catholic that she is, she came and thanked me for the kind prayer and invited me and CT to a get together with friends at a bar and grill next Saturday. She’s a kind person who has a side job taking care an elderly woman as well. I’m so happy her needs were answered at the right time and she can go off and get the experience she needs to build her career. She’s happy about my recent success finding a part-time gig to build my career experience as well.

No matter what faith you are…prayer crosses religious boundaries and ultimately is a means to spread peace, love and happiness to each other. I was just so happy to hear that I (through God and Goddess) made a positive impact in someone’s life and that they were happy that I cared about them.

A good end to my evening.


One thought on “The Power of Prayer Never Ceases to Amaze Me

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