About My Journey

Welcome 🙂 My name is NH and I’m a late-20 something trying to understand his spiritual side more. Actually, I’m more rediscovering it after a years-long hiatus. After a major spiritual experience one night in meditation (something which I hadn’t done in quite some time), I was given a series of…declarations, for lack of a better word…from the divine God and Goddess to help me live a more spiritual life. Up until that night, I had began to note a serious lack of spiritual feeling in my life, even though I had explored it some years ago with success. But, life and its trials had left me tired and not able to connect to the natural world outside of me and the spiritual realm within me. My meditation, which involved simply closing my eyes and allowing myself to become one with the world around me and the unexpected transcendent experience reminded me of the connections I had lost. And for that, I am grateful to have had that moment in my life to remember.

During the experience, I sensed myself as a representation of God. I then merged and became one with Goddess in an act of “spiritual sex” which produced great content and satisfaction. This merger I believe is the same  event which created the Universe itself and I felt that divine feeling of creation. I never really saw a face of Goddess…although intermittently, a glimpse in the form of my fiance or other women appeared and disappeared. It was a spiritual energy and I felt myself a spiritual energy as well. It is difficult to explain, but that is the best way I can communicate it.

In the oneness with the Universe, these “declarations” came to me (in no particular order):

-Celebrate the cycles of the Earth. These cycles can connect us and remind us of nature and our physical and spiritual connection to it (lunar cycles, seasonal cycles, etc).

-Respect your fellow man and woman as manifestations of God and Goddess. Treat others as you would wish to be treated.

-Treat your body and home as a temple. Keep them clean and well kept and your mind and body will be clear.

-Sex is a spiritual experience and the act which can create life. It is a union between you, your partner and the Universe. It should be treated with high regard.

-Science is magic. It is the knowledge of the forces of the Universe which expand our abilities to change it beyond the limitations of our bodies. Through science, we can learn and understand divine creation.

These ideas I have had before, but had forgotten. Now they have returned to me. I am a man of science…sex is a spiritual experience to me…I recognize the changing of the seasons and see significance in the phases of the moon as a nature-oriented person. It was so nice to be reminded of these things again. That I can be connected with my spiritual side again if I so choose. I can have life be as I wish it to be. I can be content and not in discontent.

I chose to start this blog so I can explore this (re)discovery of my spirituality and sustain it by putting it down in writing. So welcome to my journey.


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