Daily Meditation #7

Had a rather amazing meditation experience early this morning before sunrise. I used my mp3 player to play a binaural beat track with variable frequencies which changed every 8-10 minutes or so. My brain really responded to the track as I fell in a deep meditative state where at times I would see vivid bright colors and lights, along with an overall pleasurable sensation in my forehead. At some point, vivid scenes of places I’ve been too or imagined popped in my mind’s eye as well. Emotionally, I felt a pleasant connection with the Universe and myself. Afterwards, I came out of the fairly long meditation happy and emotionally/spiritually satisfied.

Afterwards, I had a dream that i was an Apollo astronaut walking on the surface of the Moon. I remember picking up lunar dust and rocks and feeling the low gravity. I remember a couple other astronauts walking around with me. This reminds me, last night I remembered looking up at the moon in the cold dark night and remembering that the full moon is coming up in a few days.


Daily Meditation #6

Last night’s meditation was mostly just devoted to getting over some anxiety I have over a new life change coming starting today. Nothing major, but definitely positive. I prayed to God and Goddess and told them my concerns as anxiety, even over positive changes, sometimes plague me. I received back comforting feelings and good thoughts about myself and felt much more relaxed and pleased after the meditation was over. I then did a visualization, building up and releasing the negative, anxious-filled energy out to the Universe. It was a short, but very helpful meditation.

Daily Meditation #5 and the Dream Reality

This morning’s meditation was quite nice. While in a deep state, I imagined a deep flow of energy flowing in and out of my forehead through my “third eye”. This caused me to feel quite buzzed with energy and floaty-feeling. It was very pleasurable, although a bit intense. I saw myself holding the hands of a human representation of God and Goddess, floating through space, past planets and was looking down upon the solar system. I was in a weird, dream-like state at this point, although still conscious. Eventually, I came out of it a bit, changed my position to more of a sleeping position allowed myself to rest and dream.



Do you all ever wonder about the nature of dreams? Do dreams mean anything? Certainly dreams occur within the confines of our minds, but do you believe it can be considered another reality? I mean, we feel, touch, smell, taste and see in our dreams. We also express emotion. Ever since high school when I explored my dreams via a dream journal, I’ve always considered the dream world another reality…one produced by our personal mental environment, which is impacted by our waking life. What our minds experience in waking life is processed as dreams in our sleeping life. And so I think dreams have meanings, with the symbology different for each individual person. Water in a dream could represent something different to different people for example, based on how they think of water from an emotional standpoint. And so in a way, dreams are artistic; they are short scripts written and played out symbolically to process information.

So the next time you have a dream (creating a dream journal and writing down even dream fragments helps a lot in remembering), right it down and think about what it means to you. You’ll find pretty quickly the connection it has to your waking life and maybe the conscious effort will be spiritually fulfilling to you. Plus, since we spend a third of our lives in our dream realities, it might be nice to at least record our exploration and existence within it.

Daily Meditation #4 – Blind Faith and Sharing My Experience

After a couple days break from meditating, went back to it again overnight this morning after waking up initially. Using my mp3 player, I played a binaural beat track (discussed in the previous meditation posting) and even with some ambient noise in the background (CT wears a CPAP machine while sleeping because she suffers from sleep apnea), I quickly fell in a rather relaxed, pleasurable meditative state with the binaural beat sound and my own breathing to focus on. After focusing in on this for a short while, I manifested the view of my usual meditative place before me, standing on the beach in front of the beautiful blue ocean.

Almost immediately, the God and Goddess appeared before me in their usual physical appearance as people I’ve known previously. I grabbed their hands with each of mine and we walked together into the forest enjoying their loving company. At one point in this walk I told them that I wished to have blind faith in them and the Universe. They told me that to have blind faith, all I must too is have trust…trust in the Universe, the Creators and the Power of Intention I utilize through them to manifest the life I wish for myself. I must open myself up and be receptive. I sensed they felt I was already on this ongoing path successfully.

I left the visualization and returned to the room, sensing every sound, touch and subtle vibration. I opened myself up to be a receiver of spiritual energy from the Universe and felt it course through my body. At one point, I felt my spirit become out of phase with my physical body. I felt myself feeling floaty and shifting, although my physical body was as still as can be. My head was buzzing with energy. I remained in this state for awhile, simply enjoying the pleasant connection with myself and the Universe until I felt time to wake up from it.

After this experience, my mind, body and soul feel strangely energized. I’m unable to fall back asleep. It is as if I am buzzed on caffeine, but in fact I’m simply saturated with this mysterious energy. And so now I’m out of my bed, contemplating what I was told. In a world where logic and reason dominates and blind faith in a force greater than oneself seems looked down upon, the idea of trust in something you can’t see or measure is a powerful thing. Certainly logic and reason have their place and I believe in the principles of science for understanding our physical universe (in fact, I am a science major and have always loved science). But I think there is something more powerful, more fundamental and esoteric which cannot be measured or observed, only felt and experienced. An energy and state of existence that goes beyond the usual senses and to a different level. And as explained in a previous posting, it is this which I feel at the very heart of my being and gives me faith…the blind faith which drives me and provides me with good spiritual health. I’m no longer second-guessing my beliefs, letting other people tear me down or allowing other toxic thoughts from myself and others to sit in my mind. I just believe…I believe and allow the positive results of my life be the evidence of my healthy mind, body and spirit.

I’m not sharing this spiritual awakening in my life to prove anything or change people’s views on their idea of spirituality or religion…hell, CT is currently the only person who knows my identity whom I share these thoughts with. If I really wanted to, I have atheistic and conservative Christian family members I could easily start arguments with over religion and wouldn’t be too happy with me on my religious thoughts for various reasons based on their lines of thinking (people seem to like other people to think like them). I only wish from my own little place in the Universe to connect with others who wish to have a glimpse into the changes in my life and who also wish to gain any insight into their own. If you’re reading this and it has an effect on you in your spiritual path, whether you be Pagan or Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, Jewish, “spiritual, but not religious” or whatever…then I’m glad to have had a positive impact on your life in some even minor way, if nothing else, to bring a different perspective on things. That’s why I do this blog and writing down what’s happening helps me have more confidence that my otherwise private path is the best for me.

Time to see if I can get to sleep now. School and work await me in the daylight. Until later.

Daily Meditation #3

Last night’s meditation was pleasant and fruitful. I started by focusing on my breathing for a little bit to calm my mind and focus it. This quickly put me in a deep, relaxed state and from there I went my calming place. I did my walk along the white sandy beach, enjoying the shoreline. But then I walked into the forest to explore further. I could hear birds singing and the wind blowing. It was beautiful. But while exploring, a woman appeared before me. Shortly after her, a man appeared before me as well. They were the God and Goddess taking the form of two people I knew or known previously. They consulted me on two issues that were sitting within my mind and dealing with advancing myself spiritually.
After consulting me, the Goddess told me this:

God and Goddess love you, as we do
all our children of the Universe. You
are strong, you are good. Believe in
your own power, given to you by us
and you can achieve great things.

I then became one with God and merged my energy with Goddess, becoming one with her. I felt the energy flow through my body and sensed myself above the Earth in space, floating as light as a feather. I then felt myself come back to my body and saw the darkness of my room. I lied there for a moment and then came out of meditation.

It feels wonderful to have a spiritual experience where I actually communicate with something greater myself and feel more grounded when it is over.


As a side note, also late night after meditating, I got an email from someone with a Youtube video talking about binaural beats. Binaural beats involve hearing two tones of slightly different frequencies, with the clashing frequencies interpreted by the brain as beats. The beats are the difference in frequency between the two original tones heard. In a recording, one tone will be played in one ear with another tone played in the other. By themselves, you’ll hear the individual tone, but together the brain-induced beat will sound. People use binaural beats to alter their state of consciousness more easily as the brain waves will resonate with the beat frequency it interprets. I vaguely remember using binaural beats before in my past spiritual studies and so decided to sit back and listen to a recording off of Youtube last night. And sure enough, laying back relaxed and focusing on the beat, I quickly fell into a nice meditative state. It wasn’t even my optimal position for meditation (laying down, in dark conditions), but it felt good and I could conjure up somewhat vivid imagery in my mind’s eye. I might see about downloading an mp3 to a cheap mp3 player I have and giving it try in my optimal conditions. Here is the recording I listened too (listen with ear/headphones):

Daily Meditation #2

This morning’s meditation was a bit simpler. I woke up and gave my morning prayer to the God and Goddess for the life-giving sun. Then I decided to simply close my eyes, count down from 10 to zero in my mind. While doing this, I allowed my mind and body to relax, calm down and visualized my spiritual place of contentment appear before me.

As I walked across the white sand beach and out into the ocean shore, I went into self-reflection on happenings and random thoughts which popped into my head yesterday. I felt calm and at peace with the Universe as I walked, swam and enjoyed this imaginary place. Occasionally, noisy thoughts would pop into my head; but I would stay calm and simply allow them to pass as if they were eddies in the otherwise gentle flow of water. I think tomorrow I may explore the island a bit more. I imagination can take you amazing places. Why not use it as part of spiritual discovery?

When I came out of meditation, I looked out my window and had decent view of the Belt of Venus (horizon obstructed by buildings of course…but still nice).

A nicer example than what I saw:


Science is magic…and the science behind such amazing phenomena gives one pause when contemplating how the Universe ended up the way it did. Simply incredible.

Daily Meditation #1

This morning before sunrise, I went into a meditative state in order to calm my mind and decide on what I’d like to do to fulfill my goals in better becoming a spiritual person. My technique usually involves putting my head on folded pillow so that I’m slightly inclined and won’t quickly fall asleep. I then stare at the ceiling for a time to put myself in a mild hypnotic state (something I used to practice when i was a teenager), then eventually I’ll close my eyes and my internal journey using intense visualization and sensory “extension”. I’ll imagine I’m connected with other objects and people in my surroundings, that I am those objects. I expand my awareness to my whole room, the building I’m in, the city, the nation and the world and Universe. I don’t try to experience awareness, I just allow it to happen. To experience awareness as an individual of increasingly expansive realms makes the feeling difficult to put into words because it is physically impossible. I think I read this meditation somewhere in a random book in some years ago. All I can say is that doing it helps me feel that sense of oneness and connection with the world. It’s a theme I think will come up a lot as I rediscover my spirituality.

After I reached the point of connection with the Universe, I imagined myself as God. I then merged my energy with that of Goddess, our energies becoming one form. A real feeling of energy began to flow through my body like connecting a circuit. It was extremely gratifying and as if I’d connected directly to the forces of the Universe. After this experience waned, I decided upon making a private place for myself in this meditation state. I visualized a beautiful island beach with white sands, clear water, perfect temperature air and palm trees. This would be my personal world where I could go at any time for reflection. This technique I’d utilized some years ago, but had forgotten until just this morning. It felt wonderful to have my own private place again.

For today’s reflections, I thought about what I would to do to celebrate the various cycles of the Earth (the lunar and seasonal cycles). It was declared to me in my more transcendent meditation (that spurred the creation of this blog) that I celebrate the cycles of nature. So I wanted to create a ritual which would bring in the New Moon, Full Moon, Sunrise and Sunset as well as the changes in Seasons. There is something about ritual which I find brings other people a sense of order and peace in their lives, whether they are simply spiritual or Wiccan or Catholic. They connect with something greater than themselves. I would like to experience this as well. I floated in the waters just offshore this perfect beach and thought about what I wanted to do and what I would gain from it as a person.

I will share what I decided upon in another post today and leave this one for the meditation. But after deciding upon what I would like to do rituals, I allowed myself to come out of the meditation and then went back to sleep.