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my heartI had heart surgery. Yep. It will be three years ago this April. My heart condition was congenital. My father has congestive heart failure from contracting rheumatic fever while in the Air Force. We all know someone affected by heart disease.

On Friday, February 1st, the American Heart Association is asking everyone to wear red!

February is associated with hearts and flowers as Valentine’s Day quickly approaches, but it is also the American Heart Association’s Go Red for Women Month. They are working hard to spread awareness and raise money for the cause. It is difficult when competing against major corporations like the Komen Foundation.

I created a site where you can contribute any amount to the American Heart Association. Click here to view page. Email me at and I will add your link to the Go Red for Women Contributors blogroll for the month! 

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I get down in the dumps sometimes too…those negative thoughts can just compound themselves exponentially making things worse. Lately, I’ve found just thinking about the Creators helps as well as sitting down and just writing good things about myself (even if it feels like a pain and I don’t want too). Thinking about all the things I’m blessed with is also helpful. Balance is definitely a constant up and down and it is what makes life what it is…without up and downs, life would be a boring experience with nothing to learn.

Good News! The World Won’t End in 2036!

Impact Threat from Near-Earth Asteroid Apophis in 2036 Now Ruled Out



Posted Thursday, Jan. 10, 2013, at 12:08 PM ET

Good news, everyone! New observations taken in the past few days have now ruled out an impact by the asteroid Apophis in 2036. Which is good, because it turns out to be even bigger than we thought.

Apophis is an asteroid that orbits the Sun on a path that brings it near the Earth every seven years or so. It was discovered in 2004, and was quickly found to be potentially hazardous: Its orbit crossed the Earth’s, meaning it could impact us. At a size originally estimated at 250 meters—bigger than a battleship—an impact would be huge: it would generate a blast energy of roughly a gigaton, or a billion tons of TNT exploding. That’s 20 times bigger than the largest nuclear weapon ever detonated on Earth.

So, yeah. It was taken seriously.

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Mother Nature won’t kill us all after all (yet…lol).